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Our Mission

Albanian Art and Culture Movement (AACM) is a non-profit organization
dedicated to empowering imagination, supporting artists and communities
while promoting creativity and critical thinking by fostering cross-cultural understanding.

AACM works to promote and advocate for quality arts programming, while helping
raise awareness for the tangible contributions made by the art and cultural community.

At AACM, we value our beautifully diverse world and advocate for all people having fair access to the tools and resources to forge healthy and vibrant communities.

AACM welcomes and values partnerships and collaborations, with artists, academia,
and cultural institutions and organizations, investors and advisors
that honor our collaborative commitment as an essential part of the path of greater effectiveness.

Based in New York with a global outreach, at AACM we believe in the power of action
of individuals and groups to better our world.

Improve Yourself. Better the World.

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