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Albanian Cultural Center

New York City is home to hundreds of cultural institutions representing nations from all over the world, even some fictional groups out of the North Pole have cultural representation in the city, but not Albania of course…why not?! Because why would we as Albanians bother with such mundane things? We have previously raised millions of dollars in a matter of days only to pay off some soccer fine and promptly address this matter of national pride and dignity! We know how to do! Who cares if there is no such thing as an Albanian Cultural Center in New York, or anywhere else in the world for that matter, it’s not like we are home to one of the oldest living cultures on the planet, yeah?! What have we got to share with the world?! Over 400 national costumes, some of which go back some 4,000 years?! What?!

What have we got to share with the world? Architecturally intricate and superlative textiles and costume designs, enjoyed centuries before France and England, current capitals of fashion we adore, could enjoy somewhat similar extravagances?! You know they shared the one, Bretton, while plain Albanians sported varied distinct and affluent styles, which European royalty would later borrow on? Whaaat?! What have we got to share with the world? The whispers of an old seamstress who worked Paris and disclosed that, wait for it, Dior himself, emphasized the influence of traditional Albanian costumes on what we collectively refer today to as Haute-Couture?! Whaaaat?! What have we got to share with the world?! The ingenious musical heritage including the unique Polyphonic singing ranked amongst UNESCO’s List of Intangible Cultural Heritage?! Whaaat?! What have we got to share with the world?! Some of the oldest human sounds out of a unique and extraordinary language which is self originating?! Whaaaat?! What have we got to share with the world?! The Illyrian origin of pizza?!Whaaat?! Whaaat?! Hapi veshet shqipe! Po te therrasim!!!

Calling on all Albanians!!!  We need your help and kind support to bring Albanian Cultural Center to New York, Now!!

Established to preserve and promote the image of Albania to the world, Albanian Cultural Center will provide the public with a cultural platform and educational programs which help introduce and explore the uniqueness and richness of Albanian culture and heritage.

Albanian Cultural Center will operate as a cultural representative of all Albanian nations. The center will feature an extended library and study room for adults and children, an ethnographic collection showcased in the art gallery, a performance rehearsal and production space, and one extravagant little gift shop.

Albanian Cultural Center will run a rich program with emphasis on arts, Albanian language, cultural representation and intercultural dialogue.

ACC will offer a variety of classes and workshops (for different ages), in Albanian language, traditional Albanian dances, traditional Albanian crochet, embroidery, and more. Special happenings we look forward to, will include Si Shqiptartraditional cooking and tasting series, and Rrush Vendi traditional Albanian rakia and wine tasting series.

AAC will serve as a meeting place for artists, academics, professionals and otherwise all interested parties in generating and exchanging innovative and creative ideas while igniting inspired and meaningful action. Albanian Cultural Center will serve as a conduit for cross-cultural dialogue facilitated not by states or markets, but artists, academics civil society and the public. 

Together, we can materialize our commitment to preserve Amanetin e te Pareve. I am genuinely tired of hearing Albanians, including famous ones, publicly boast about the motherland, wear the flag to-tear when they need to ride on patriotism, and even sport our blessed eagle as a tattoo (as do I), yet, behind closed doors, continue to do little to absolutely nothing in terms of preserving, advancing, and promoting our culture! If Albania means so much to you, well this is another chance to show it! Mos rri po duku! Erdhi teta Era e na i mori fjalet, vepra?! Forca shqipe, na duhesh, na duhesh ti yll! Eja ta hedhim bashke vallen e krenarise, ti e di se vallen tona hidhen ne grup!

Join us in making history together. Yes, we must raise millions to make this happen, $3,000,000.00 to be precise. Yes, Albanians have done it before, and yes, we will do it again! We all know we Can make it happen! All funds raised will go toward property establishment, permits, furnishings, and operational costs for the first two years. (You will have to sit through a boring presentation illustrating precisely what your donation supported, when time comes. Will certainly make it fun and bring the party after we achieve our goal, and sprinkle our genuine love on exceptional Gratitude Gifts to You.)


  • Say a little love prayer for this project, send us positive vibes.
  • Simply click Donate to support AACM now.
  • Share this page, post and repost proudly until mission is accomplished.
  • Invite your family and friends to Donate directly to AACM.
  • Donate and gift your property in New York and/or anywhere else in the United States and the world, to house Albanian Cultural Centers.
  • Donate and temporarily host Albanian Cultural Center on your properties in New York, until permanent facilities are established.
  • Donate and gift traditional costumes, artifacts, textiles, and any other collectables to help enrich the ethnographic museum at Albanian Cultural Center.
  • Donate and gift books, computers, software, office equipment and furniture, cars and other in-kind donations.
  • Host your own fundraising event, host a fun-a-thone and gift raised donations to AACM.
  • Encourage your community to participate and Donate to AACM directly.
  • If you are a business, Donate and/or Match (or double/triple) individual donations. Choose your own matching level.

Do your part. Be the wave to the movement. Bashke ne veprim, gjithcka eshte e mundur! C`mon! What have we got to share with the world, a taste of our unique food and exquisite rakia? Along with stories of #legendarybravery, #rawbeauty, #ancientwisdom and magical #bjeshkafairies?

Honestly, we are so pretty, we need Albanian Cultural Centers to help share our love and shine our light all over the world, but let’s start with New York, shall we? Show your support and help make this happen! Albanian Cultural Center in New York!

Let’s show the world that Eagle Dance!!! Whaaat?! Le te ndajme me boten vlerat tona te verteta. Zoti nuk flet shqip, ai nuk ka nevoje te flase. Por me ndihmen tende, bota mund te flasi shqip!

Me shume dashuri,

Imelda Ahmataj, Co-founder/Executive Director AACM

Albanian Art and Culture Movement is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas,
a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the charitable purposes of Albanian Art and Culture Movement, must be made payable to “Fractured Atlas”
only, and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

We invite you to support this extremely important initiative in New York City. 

Donate to AACM and help us bring a face to Albania`s name.

For donations to our dedicated page with Fractured, click link below:

Note: The credit card system processes up to $ 20,000 per transaction. For additional donations, donor may use the same system, and process additional donations 2-3 minutes after the prior transaction.

Make your gift today: Donate now!

Contact us today to discuss your involvement and kind support:


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