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Community Meeting Space aka the Interactive Hood-Stallation

Continuous and relentless commercialization of public space has constrained the ability of artists to communicate with the public in open spaces through platforms that bring people together in meaningful ways beyond consumption. This is not a problem limited to a geographical or cultural background, this is a problem faced by artists and performers globally.

Accordin2Art is an initiative to create a multidimensional platform, to serve as a public meeting space that offers a unique opportunity to connect with old and new friends, play, learn, explore, and engage in diverse experiences right in your own neighborhood.

Accordin2Art is designed to bring together artists, community activists, public of all ages and backgrounds, and to inspire outdoor play for children and adults alike.

Accordin2Art inspires and supports healthy public dialogue and engagement, artistic growth and harmonious coexistence, while being that staple neighborhood-installation where happy foundations are build and unforgettable memories are made.

We have absolutely no funds to see this project and many other projects through. If you truly adore and want to bring this project to a neighborhood near you, support AACM by clicking Donate and/or reach out directly, so we can explore all possibilities together.

At AACM we believe is best to share some of our unique projects, encouraging you to choose and support the project you want to bring to your neighborhood. So, if you support Accordin2Art, present it to and get support from your neighbors, your municipality, your parks and recreations, your local schools and academic institutions, your local religious institutions, and local businesses, for it takes a village to raise a healthy community. Once your local community approves and funds, we take care of all specifics and details for a flawless execution. All labor and management remains local while we maintain relations to help further intercommunal dialogue, artistic expansion and ongoing public engagement.

Let’s grow in love and tolerance, together.

We genuinely thank you for your kind and continuous support. Faleminderit.

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